Organic Frozen Cranberries (10 lb.)

from Cranberry Hill
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Organic Cape Cod cranberries from Plymouth, Massachusetts. The berries are picked from our bogs at full ripeness and then individually quick-frozen. They keep their healthful qualities and allow you to make your own juice to your own specifications.

We grow Early Blacks and Howes, which are small, pretty and very tasty: we think they make the best cranberry sauce. This is also their native habitat, and they are hardy survivors both on the bog and in the package. Our bog is certified as organic by Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association (NOFA) of Massachusetts and inspected every year.

We harvest the cranberries once a year in the fall, but much of our time is spent cultivating, weeding, harvesting, packaging and selling our certified organic cranberries from Cranberry Hill.


organic cranberries



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Oct 02, 2013
By Claudia
I ordered these a few months ago for the first time, and I could not be any happier. The quality of the berries was outstanding! I am working on my second order, and I cannot wait to get them. I highly recommend this item.
Since 1986, we've been growing fresh, organic cranberries on Cranberry Hill. Our Early Blacks and Howes berries are small, healthful and make the best cranberry sauce!
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